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Basic 21st Century Rewards Questions

What is 21st Century Rewards?:
21st Century Rewards is an online shopping portal that combines the buying clout of our members with the variety of hundreds of merchants. At 21st Century Rewards, the only difference is the savings. Same stores, same products, same prices.
How do I sign up?
Sign up now using our quick and easy registration form. It’s quick and you can start shopping and earning Cash Back as soon as you activate your account when you receive your activation email.
How do I make purchases?
Once you are signed-in, browse the SHOP section on 21st Century Rewards to find the store you want to shop. Then click to view details about that store. From there you can click “SHOP NOW” to open up the store site and start shopping.
How soon is my cash credited to my on-line account?
Because of the logistics with reporting back and forth with our Merchants, it usually takes 3-5 business days but can take as long as 3 months as some merchants wait until after the return period expires to report purchases.
When do I get my cash?
21st Century Rewards pays members cash on purchases once you have accrued $15.00 and the 60 day return window has passed. You have the option to receive payment via PayPal or check. When you become eligible for payment, you will receive an email from us to select your cash back method and request your payment.
What are reasons I might not receive cash back?
  1. Your cookies were turned off. Please click the "Test My Computer" link (found on the "My Account" page) to make sure.
  2. You entered a coupon code not found on/or associated with 21st Century Rewards during the checkout process for the merchant.
  3. You cancelled or returned the order.
  4. You used a discount offer not offered by 21st Century Rewards.
  5. You placed the order offline by calling the merchant.
  6. You purchased a gift card or gift certificate.
  7. You bought an item that did not qualify for cash back.
  8. The terms of the offer were not met. Please check the cash back guidelines of each merchant.
  9. You purchased an item online, but picked the order up in store. If we have not expressly noted that you can earn cash back rewards in the cash back guidelines for the merchant, you will not earn cash back for your purchase.
  10. You purchased prescription medications. Prescription medications (for humans & pets) are not eligible for cash back.
  11. You purchased a gaming system. Most merchants do not pay cash back on gaming systems. Please check merchant guidelines.
  12. You purchased a monthly delivery service like a tea-of-the month club or telephone service. These offers are not eligible for cash back unless the service is paid for up front or in cases where it is noted up front. Please check the cash back guidelines for each merchant.
  13. You saved items in a shopping cart at a merchant's store, and then clicked on a 21st Century Rewards link from your store to add more items. The items that will qualify for cash back, will be the items that you clicked after you clicked through from your 21st Century Rewards link.
  14. You made a purchase with a gift card. This varies by store, but most stores will pay cash back on a purchase made using a gift card because they did not pay any cash back when the gift card itself was originally purchased. Check the terms on the specific store’s page for more information.
  15. You pre-ordered an item. Pre-orders likely do not qualify for cash back.
  16. You purchased an extended warranty, airline tickets, or travel insurance. Certain items, such as these, are not eligible for cash back.
What’s the catch? How does 21st Century Rewards make money?
There’s no catch! We are dedicated to the idea of giving our members maximum value in cash! We don’t mark-up prices, and we don’t mark-up shipping and handling charges. By going through 21st Century Rewards, you have access to the same products as when shopping directly at the store - at the regular store prices or, in some cases, at the special store deal. So how do we make money? We derive our income primarily from marketing partnerships with our merchants, as well as through the services we offer.
What do I get when I refer my friends and family to 21st Century Rewards?
You’ll earn 10% of the cash back rebates that your referrals earn. So if your friend earns $50.00 in cash back rebates, you’ll earn $5.00, just for being the one that introduced them to 21st Century Rewards.

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